The Adventuresons®

When the world’s two greatest adventurers meet and fall in love, you get The Adventuresons . . . the most exciting, globe-trotting, adventurous family of all time! Join them as they trek across the world, uncovering ancient artifacts and overcoming obstacles both human and supernatural. Through it all, they work together as a team AND a family!  The Adventuresons was released in 2018 as a comic book one shot.  The comic introduces famous archeologist Max Adventureson, and his one time professional rival, treasure hunter Honey Danger, who meet while separately pursuing a priceless artifact.  Our story really begins years later and focuses on the next generation of Adventuresons, 15 year old Lexi, 13 year old Shelby, and 11 year old Jake, as they pick up the mantle and embark on a series of wild family adventures.  New comic book adventures are on the way. 

Join the Adventuresons on their quest.  As they say, “The adventure’s on”!

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